9 Korean actress made big sacrifices and even learned to smoke to portray their roles

Some of these actresses didn’t smoke or even hate the smell of cigarettes, but they have all decided to make the sacrifices for their roles.

Son Ye Jin

Famous for her image of a good, innocent, and gentle girl, Son Ye Jin had a complete makeover when she played the role of a yakuza boss in Open City. In order to portray the character as best as possible, she had to learn to smoke professionally. When the film aired, the image of Son Ye Jin smoking was opposed by many viewers because they could not accept this image of her.

Korean actresses smoking

2. Jeon Ji Hyun

At the age of 27, Jeon Ji Hyun was invited to play in A Man Who Is Superman and had to practice smoking for the first time to be able to play female producer Song Soo Jung in the film. Having already made a strong impression with sassy roles, the fact that Jeon Ji Hyun smoked in the film did not bother the audience too much. However, the audience is still not satisfied when they know that she has to force herself to get used to smoking because of filming.

Korean actresses smoking

3. Suzy

The most notable case is Suzy with the movie “Real.” In the movie, she appeared with an extremely rebellious, even extremely dark image with tattoos, heavy makeup, sexy clothes and smoking. This was also the first time that the new generation’s national first love had to smoke in her life.

Korean actresses smoking

4. Park So Dam

The legendary smoking scene in the blockbuster Parasite is also one of the first times actress Park So Dam smoked in her life. Before that, she did not know how to smoke and had to get used to it to best represent the character’s living situation.

Korean actresses smoking

5. Nana

Similar to Suzy, Nana is originally an idol, so smoking has greatly affected her image. However, she still decided to practice getting used to smoking to play a role in The Good Wife. Fortunately, Nana’s smoking image is so beautiful and cool that the audience does not feel uncomfortable.

Korean actresses smoking

6. Han Ji Min

In order to best portray her role in Miss Baek, Han Ji Min had to learn to smoke, change her image, and transform herself from a good girl to a genuine bad girl. In the film, she had to smoke so much that she got used to it, while in real life, Han Ji Min really hates smoking. The actress once said that she forced herself to try different types of cigarettes to find the one that suits her best.

Korean actresses smoking
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