KISS OF LIFE, Setting Aside Y2K to Aim for Summer Queen “Goal is Billboard Hot 100”

Girl group KISS OF LIFE is aiming for the title of "Summer Queen" with their refreshing new look

KISS OF LIFE held an interview at a café in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul to celebrate the release of their digital single album “Sticky” and shared various stories.

kiss of life

Since their debut, KISS OF LIFE has consistently showcased a strong concept, especially with a distinctive Y2K image. Now, for the first time, they are presenting a refreshing image to the public. What does “refreshing” mean to them? Julie explained, “It contains a hot yet pure, bright and cute feeling, a kind of contrasting charm that we aim for.

Even though they want to be like butterflies floating without a destination, they have clear goals. With their previous album “Midas Touch” making a positive impact, they hope for even better results with the new album. Natty shared, “With ‘Midas Touch’, we entered the ‘Billboard 200’. This time, we aim for the ‘Hot 100’.

Julie expressed their ambitions, “Our goal is always high. We want to show steady progress in music charts and aim for number one on music shows.”

We’ve released many songs and had multiple comebacks within a year. With our first anniversary approaching, we are more eager and passionate. There’s still a lot we haven’t achieved. We’ll work happily to achieve our goals step by step and make your summer cool with our energy.” (Julie, Belle)

KISS OF LIFE’s new album “Sticky” was released through various online music sites on July 1st.

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