JTBC Corrected Subtitles About BTS Fans Moving To NewJeans Fandom But Did Not Apologize

JTBC acknowledged their mistake regarding the subtitle about BTS and NewJeans but did not release any apology

On June 30th, JTBC reported the news of NewJeans entering Tokyo Dome in Japan. Although NewJeans held their fanmeeting at Tokyo Dome was held on weekdays, the 26th and 27th of June, tickets were all sold out, certifying the girl group’s hot popularity.

While covering the news, JTBC released an interview with a young fan waiting to enter the venue. Controversy sparked as the subtitles show the fan saying “I originally liked BTS, but it’s getting a little dangerous now”, and JTBC’s caption “BTS fans are turning to NewJeans”.

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After the broadcast, netizens raised issues over JTBC’s misinterpretation of the fan’s words. Accordingly, what the fan said was not, “I changed my favorite group from BTS to NewJeans”, but rather, “I like BTS the most, by my love for NewJeans is increasing significantly”. In particular, some people pointed out that JTBC’s caption includes expressions that disrespect the personality of idols.

As the controversy intensified, JTBC revised their video and corrected the controversial subtitle to “I love BTS. But I also like NewJeans”.


However, the criticism continues because JTBC did not release any apology to BTS, NewJeans, and their fandoms, who were suddenly caught up in unnecessary controversy due to the misinterpretation.

BTS is undeniably the K-pop group and the group that promoted the globalization of K-pop. NewJeans is also developing rapidly in the K-pop industry as they were able to fill the Tokyo Dome only five days after their debut in Japan. Both teams are leading the promotion of Korea’s national prestige with their talents. Therefore, raising controversy over unnecessary comparisons or encouraging fandom fights only causes harm to the overall image of K-pop.

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