“King the Land” reaches 12% rating, receiving explosive responses for episode 6’s ending

The weekend drama “King the Land” captivates viewers with its ending in each episode.

JTBC’s “King the Land” (written by Choi Rom/ directed by Im Hyun Wook) is boasting strength as a popular drama. The drama is consistently breaking its own highest viewership record in each episode.

king the land

According to Nielsen Korea, the new episode of “King the Land”, which aired on July 2nd, recorded a nationwide rating of 12%. It gained a significant increase of 2.3% compared to that of the previous broadcast.

“King the Land” is showing a steady rise. It started at 5.1% in episode 1 on June 17th and jumped to 7.5% in episode 2 then 9.1% in episode 3. It surpassed 10% after releasing only 6 episodes.

king the land

The secret behind this popularity is the chemistry between Lee Jun Ho (as Goo Won) and Im Yoon Ah (as Cheon Sa Rang). The two made the obvious rom-com cliché become more attractive and added charms to the characters with their solid acting skills.

The unexpected and impact ending also contributed greatly to the performance of “King the Land”. Episode 6 ended with Cheon Sa Rang waiting for chicken delivery and Goo Won standing in front of her house, stimulating viewers’ excitement.

king the land

Meanwhile, “King the Land” is a romantic comedy about the process of Goo Won, the head of a Hotel who hates fake smiles, and Cheon Sa Rang, a hotelier who has to smile all the time, finding their true smiles.

Source: Dispatch

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