Kim Yuna to attend 2022 MAMA Awards, joining an all-star celebrity lineup

The 2022 MAMA Awards has unveiled its presenter lineup filled with top stars in the entertainment scene, including Kim Yuna. 

With Park Bo Gum and Jeon So Mi confirmed as the hosts of the 2022 MAMA Awards, world-class global icons Kim Yuna, Hwang Jung Min, and Jung Woo Sung, as well as world sports stars Pak Seri, Kwak Yoon Gy will also be appearing. In addition, actors and actresses with “Kpop DNA” (those that debuted as an idol), such as Ahn So Hee, Hwang Min Hyun, Im Si Wan, and Han Sun Hwa were also named as presenters. 

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Alongside the newly-married Kim Yuna, who has established herself as a global icon beyond the title of “figure skating queen”, the group Forestella, which include her husband Go Woo Rim, will also participate. 

Regarding her first appearance at the music awards ceremony, Kim Yuna expressed her feelings, “I came forward as the presenter of the 2022 MAMA Awards to support the power of healing and consolation through music to all around the world who have been depressed due to the pain of the pandemic.”

In the past, the super star also revealed her love and respect for Kpop by showing her outstanding dancing and singing skills through broadcasts and fan meetings. 

Meanwhile, actor Hwang Jung Min, who starred in “Veteran”, “The Battleship Island”, and recently the Netflix series “Narco-Saints” (also known as “Suriname”, will also attend MAMA, marking his 3rd appearance at the awards ceremony. 

In addition, the appearance of Jung Woo Sung, who is not only a representative actor but also a rising director, is also drawing attention to the 2022 MAMA. 

World-class sports stars and entertainers Pak Seri and Kwak Yoon Gy, will also be presenting the awards at MAMA. Pak Seri, the Korean golf hero, is an icon of hope and challenge who won the hearts of the people with her ‘barefoot fighting spirit’. Meanwhile, Kwak Yoon Gy is a short track speed skater who played an active part in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and has a YouTube channel with more than 1 million subscribers. Both are actively communicating with fans through TV programs and YouTube content, rising expectations. 

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Finally, actors and actresses with “Kpop DNA”, including Ahn So Hee, Hwang Min Hyun, Im Si Wan, and Han Sun Hwa, have also been announced as part of the presenter lineup. Among them, Ahn So Hee won the 2007 MKMF (old name of MAMA) Rookie of the Year as a member of Wonder Girls. In 2017, Hwang Min Hyun won the 2017 MAMA Rookie Award as a member of project group Wanna One, and he is now actively working in both the Kpop and K-drama scenes. On the other hand, Im Siwan debuted as a member of ZE:A, and has since showed off his amazing acting skills through “The Attorney”, “Misaeng: Incomplete Life”, and is preparing to great viewers through “Work Later, Drink Now 2”

Seo Ji Hye, Kim Dong Wook, Park Sung Hoon, Yeo Jin Goo, Moon Ga Young, Kim So Hyun, Woo Do Hwan, Kang Hanna, Joo Jong Hyuk, Nam Yoon Su, and Lee Jae Wook, who are expanding K-content around the world, will also be presenting the 2022 MAMA Awards. 

In addition to this, Korean dance icons Gabee (leader of LaChica) and Aiki (leader of HOOK), alongside, trending entertainers Kim Hae Joon and Lee Eun Ji of ”Comedy Big League”, and actress Mio Imada, who has appeared in numerous dramas and commercials in Japan, will attend. 

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Kentaro Sakaguchi, who starred in the Japanese remake of tvN drama “Signal” and its theatrical version, has also confirmed his 2nd appearance at the MAMA Awards.

The 2022 MAMA Awards will be held for two days on November 29th to 30th at Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan. It will be broadcast live across the world, with the red carpet starting at 16:00 (KST) and the awards ceremony at 18:00 (KST). 

Viewers can watch the 2022 MAMA Awards online through various channels and platforms in different regions of the world, including YouTube channels Mnet K-POP, Mnet TV, M2, and KCON official

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