Kim Yuna and Son Ye Jin’s wedding dresses cost 80 million won? Baffling wedding costs

The wedding costs of top stars, which exceeded expectations, surprised Seo Chulgu on “Cohabitation, not Marriage”.

On the May 19 broadcast of Channel A’s “Cohabitation, not Marriage”, rapper Seo Chulgu (also known as “xitsuh”) and his girlfriend were shown preparing for their wedding in April of next year.

Seo Chulgu and his girlfriend met a wedding planner at a cafe near their home on the first day of cohabitation. The two, who promised to get married in April of next year, decided to prepare for their wedding a year in advance. The couple, who have already made a reservation deposit for the wedding hall, decided to split the wedding costs equally.


The wedding planner explained that if the wedding is held in April, the wedding photography would be conducted in fall, and popular studios are already fully booked until October. They added that the average wedding cost in South Korea starts from 35 to 40 million won (about 26,000 USD to 30,000 USD) and can go up to 200 to 250 million won (about 150,000 to 188,000 USD).

The planner explained that if the wedding is held outdoors, the cost of flower decorations takes up the most significant portion, saying, “Just the flower decorations alone can cost between 15 and 20 million won. This doesn’t include meals.” 


Hearing this, Seo Chulgu expressed his bafflement, joking that he might sneak off to a flower festival in Goyang.

Studio photography, wedding dresses, and makeup are estimated to range from 2 million to 40 million won. When the planner mentioned that there are dresses that cost over 10 million won just to rent, the Seo Chulgu couple became overwhelmed by the wide range of wedding costs.

The planner noted that there is a considerable price difference between domestic and overseas brand dresses, suggesting, “The wedding dress costs for celebrities like Kim Yuna and Son Dam Bi, who recently got married and had a lot of exposure in the media, could differ from the usual preparations. The cost of their wedding dresses is estimated to range from 14 million to 80 million won.”

Source: Nate

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