Kim Yoo Jung politely refuses personal gifts from fans “Your support is enough”

On March 13th, Kim Yoo Jung‘s agency Awesome ENT said through their official Instagram, “We would like to thank the fans for their support and love for Kim Yoo Jung, and we have a message regarding the delivery of gifts.

Kim Yoo Jung

They continued, “Currently, many fans are sending gifts with their hearts towards our actor. However, as we respect the actor’s opinion that fans’ support alone would do, we will not accept any personal gifts from you in the future. However, we will gratefully accept only on-site support, bouquets, cakes and other handwritten letters that can hearten many people who work hard at the filming site.

They added, “We appreciate your understanding. We will do our best to repay the hearts of our fans.” 

Kim Yoo Jung

Kim Yoo Jung is currently meeting the audience by playing Shakespeare’s muse Viola de Lesseps in the play “Shakespeare in Love”. Despite the fact that this is her first theatrical challenge, she is receiving rave reviews based on her dazzling visuals and solid acting skills.

Source: Nate

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