Kim Woo Bin Immediately Got Angry After Hearing Unfair Treatment of a Junior Model

Kim Woo Bin didn’t hesitate to express his anger at the unfair treatment of a rookie model on “Pixid.”

On May 5th, a video titled “Finding The Fake Rookie Model Among Real Rookie Models (feat. Kim Woo Bin)” was uploaded on the YouTube channel Pixid. 

kim woo bin

In the video, Kim Woo Bin disguised himself as a rookie model while texting other rookie models. When asked about the most ridiculous shooting experience, Kim Woo Bin said he was dressed in see-through stockings and hot pants during a rehearsal. The rookie models pointed at Kim Woo Bin as the fake one and said, “That’s too much,” and “You’ve prepared a lot.”

One rookie model surprised everyone by saying, “I went to one shoot and they kept adding outfits I hadn’t agreed on. I ended up wearing 80 in the end.” 

kim woo bin

Kim Woo Bin’s face stiffed after reading the message. He immediately asked, “How much did you get paid?” The rookie model replied, “$400. I didn’t know anything at that time, so I just did it with the ‘just do it’ mindset.”

Kim Woo Bin frowned and asked, “Who was that? Which brand was that? This needs to be exposed. This is really too much.” Kim Woo Bin showed an immediate reaction to the unfair treatment that the junior model suffered.

kim woo bin

In an interview that followed, Kim Woo Bin said, “This has to be exposed. Shooting in 80 costumes and getting paid $400 is ridiculous. Reflect on yourself,” speaking up as a senior in the industry.

Netizens who watched the video left comments admiring how cool Kim Woo Bin is: “Kim Woo Bin is really cool,” “He seems really angry,” “He’s a celebrity known for having a good personality,” “Good looks and good personality,” “His expression is really stern.

Source: wikitree

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