Kim Tae Ri finally releases a direct apology for ‘talent donation’ controversy, “I lacked consideration in making such a decision”

Actress Kim Tae Ri directly apologized for the controversy over her recruitment of Youtube subtitle translators.

Kim Tae Ri posted a long apology on her Instagram account on the evening of May 23rd, saying “First of all, I’m sorry for causing concern, and I would like to apologize to all the people who have felt uncomfortable with my previous words”.


The actress expressed regret for her hasty action of recruiting someone to handle translation tasks for her YouTube content through “talent donation”. According to Kim Tae Ri’s apology, she already sent emails to each and every applicant and apologized to them.

On the 22nd, Kim Tae Ri received harsh criticism from netizens as she made an SNS post asking fans to “donate talents” and translate her Youtube Vlogs. The controversy intensified because the actress recruited subtitle translators without payment and the videos are her personal Vlogs, which have nothing to do with fans or any public interest purposes. 

Later on the 23rd, Kim Tae Ri’s agency Management mmm issued an official position on the controversy through their official SNS. They apologized and said, “We started this project hoping that more overseas fans can enjoy the videos”, emphasizing “In all the videos in ‘So This is The Place?’ series, no revenue is generated, even for the advertisement parts.”

Below is the full text of Kim Tae Ri’s apology

“Hello. This is Kim Tae Ri.

First of all, I’m sorry for causing concern. I would like to apologize to all the people who have felt uncomfortable with my previous words. I was late in giving an apology because I was worried and cautious that I might further hurt the feelings of many people. I’m writing this message to apologize to those who have been disappointed by the recent incident.


In order to repay the huge love I received from my fans, I planned a Vlog series and I’ve been participating in everything about the production, from filming to editing and translating English subtitles. I thought it would be a better reward for people who like me.

Since the release of the videos until now, fans from various countries, not just English-speaking ones, have requested subtitles in their respective languages. Looking at the various languages in the comment section, I thought it would be so great if these individuals could watch the video with subtitles in their own languages. With that idea in mind, I focused on thinking that it would be very meaningful if I and my fans could complete something together, so I acted without thinking carefully about the plan. I should have approached the matter more cautiously, and it is true that I lacked consideration in making such a decision.


I should not have approached my beloved fans with the concept of “talent donation”. I acknowledge that I was unaware of it myself and I’m deeply reflecting on my mistake. I sincerely apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable due to my thoughtless actions. I promise to be more careful and attentive to avoid causing such inconvenience in the future.

Above all, I realize that I need to make a sincere apology at this moment. I already sent emails to each and every person who kindly offered their support in the translation and apologized to them.

Once again, I sincerely apologize for the issue.”

Source: Nate

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