Kim Soo-hyun, Kim Sae-ron: Both Stars Caused Dating Rumors On Instagram But Received Different Reactions From Netizens

Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Sae-ron heated up the entertainment industry with different issues.

Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Sae-ron drew much attention in March as they were caught up in a sudden dating rumor after Kim Sae-ron posted an intimate photo of the two on her Instagram story.

At that time, Kim Soo-hyun was boasting high popularity thanks to the drama “Queen of Tears.” Coincidentally, Kim Sae-ron posted a photo of him being face-to-face with her, drawing keen attention from Internet users.

kim soo hyun kim sae ron

Kim Sae-ron quickly erased the photo, but it has already spread rapidly online and various rumors were raised. The next day, Kim Soo-hyun’s agency hurriedly made an official position, denying the rumor and question Kim Sae-ron’s purpose. The controversy ended with a humiliating ending for Kim Sae-ron as netizens mocked her for “self-making” the dating rumor.

Meanwhile, on July 1st, Kim Soo-hyun posted several photos on his Instagram and suddenly deleted them, drawing attention from Internet users. On this issue, there were rumors online that Kim Soo-hyun might have deleted the photos in fear it might cause a dating rumor between him and his co-star Kim Ji-won.

kim soo hyun kim ji won

In fact, in the several photos uploaded by Kim Soo-hyun have the same composition and pose with the photos recently posted by Kim Ji-won. Fans immediately show support for the dating rumor between the two, who showed perfect chemistry in the drama “Queen of Tears.” Kim Soo-hyun has yet to take any particular stance on the latest controversy.

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