Kim Seon-ho’s quick return after scandal: strategic or unwise?

Many people are wondering what it will turn out for actor Kim Seon-Ho, who is going to return to the industry after less than a month since his controversy.

Actor Kim Seon-ho / Photo by Salt Entertainment
Actor Kim Seon-ho / Photo by Salt Entertainment

It’s too soon to say anything” is a saying about actor Kim Seon-ho. As soon as his scandal about his ex-girlfriend’s abortion subsided, he hurriedly resumed his activities.

Recently, according to Kim Seon-ho‘s agency and distributor NEW, Kim Seon-ho will continue his activities again, starting with attending the script reading for the movie “Sad Tropics” scheduled for December 3. “Sad Tropics” is an action noir depicting a boxer with a Korean father and a Filipino mother becoming a target of mysterious people. It is the new film of director Park Hoon-jung, who directed the hit movies “New World” and “The Witch,” and the big screen debut of Kim Seon-ho. Filming will reportedly begin on December 10.

Kim Seon-ho was embroiled in a controversy over his private life last month. Kim Seon-ho‘s ex-girlfriend A revealed through an online community that she was forced to have an abortion by the actor. After keeping silent for several days, Kim Seon-Ho officially apologized, saying, “I hurt you with my mistakes and inconsiderate actions.” Kim Seon-ho dropped out of KBS2’s entertainment show “2 Days and 1 Night,” in which he was a regular member of the cast, and was also cut off by brands he was modeling for. In addition, his final casting for the films “Dog Days” and “2 O’Clock Date” failed because of the scandal. However, the “Sad Tropics” production team however decided to keep Kim Seon-ho despite his struggles. Although the actor declined to reveal the specific schedule, it is reported that Kim Seon-ho will start filming in December.

 Actor Kim Seon-ho / Photo by Salt Entertainment
Actor Kim Seon-ho / Photo by Salt Entertainment

Stars embroiled in controversy usually have a self-reflection period for as short as months and as long as years. However, it is unusual for Kim Seon-ho to return in less than a month. While other problems such as the filming schedule and situation may happen to “Sad Tropics, many people question whether Kim Seon-ho overlooks his private life scandal as a “breeze controversy.”

It usually takes about a year after the filming is over for the finished movie to be released in theaters. This means that Kim Seon-ho can have a year of “being forgotten” while “working hard” in a place invisible to the public. It may appear to the public that he returns at the right time after an appropriate self-reflecting period. On the one hand, Kim Seon-ho preparing in advance during the time when he might be forgotten is also a clever strategy.

 Actor Kim Seon-ho
Actor Kim Seon-ho

Kim Seon-ho himself is the one who destroyed the career he has built for 13 years since his debut. The actor lost his right and sincere image due to the abortion scandal. However, what the public cannot deny is Kim Seon-ho’s stable acting ability, which he has shown in his works so far. Kim Seon-ho‘s acting skills can play as a sufficient weapon for his return.

However, as the Korean saying goes “if you drink water in a hurry, you will have an upset stomach.” The hasty choice of doing “behind-the-scenes activity” may result in him losing even his remaining basic support.


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