Kim Seon-ho is an actor of honor, chose to read the script over wearing a tux to the awards ceremonies

What Kim Seon-ho needs now seems to be more time to focus on his acting, not on dazzling tuxedos and trophies.

Kim Seon-ho

What Kim Seon-ho needs now is to have more time to focus on acting, not on dazzling tuxedos and trophies. Unfortunately, instead of attending the 2021 Asia Artist Awards, he has decided to focus on filming for the movie “Sad Tropical”.

The 2021 Asia Artist Awards, which will be held on the afternoon of Dec 2nd, is Korea’s first integrated awards ceremony to combine actors and singers. It will be a huge party with all the people who shone in the Korean entertainment industry in 2021 regardless of fields to gather such as Lee Jung-jae, Yoo Ah-in, Lee Seung-gi, Lim Young-woong, Kang Daniel, and Seventeen.

Kim Seon-ho was named the winner of the “AAA Emotive Award” among those prominent stars. He is also known to have won the “RET Popularity Award” male actor category and the “U+Idol Live Popularity Award” held by pre-voting, clearly proving that he is a popular actor.

Kim Seon-ho Sad Tropical

Despite the suspension of his activities in October due to controversy over his private life, Kim Seon-ho is still fully qualified to attend the awards ceremony thanks to his strong fandom and friendly public opinion. However, instead of returning to the spotlight, Kim Seon-ho decided to show his sincerity in acting.

His return work will be the movie “Sad Tropical”. His appearances in the films “2 O’Clock Date” and “Dog Days” have been canceled, but “Sad Tropical” has said on Dec 1st that “The production team has decided to shoot with Kim Seon-ho within this year after much consideration.”

Director Park Hoon-jung‘s trust in Kim Seon-ho seems to have played a major role. Rumor has it that he solidified the decision to “accompany Kim Seon-ho” even in a difficult situation.

Kim Seon-ho

Starting with his debut drama “Good Manager” (2017), Kim Seon-ho achieved overwhelming results on the small screen through “Two Cops”, “100 Days My Prince”, “Welcome to Waikiki 2”, “Catch the Ghost”, “Start-Up” and “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”. He has established himself as a perfect trending actor within 4 years.

Last October, he unexpectedly got caught up in controversy over his private life and had to face the biggest crisis in his acting career. However, the situation was reversed when the conversation between him and his ex-girlfriend was revealed. Sympathy, support, encouragement and affection began to pour out towards Kim Seon-ho.

Thanks to this, Kim Seon-ho was able to make an early return. Nevertheless, he was ashamed of his own mistake, so he decided to focus on his debut movie instead of appearing at a spectacular awards ceremony. This is because the script reading for “Sad Tropical” is scheduled to take place on December 4th.

As such, Kim Seon-ho returned to his original resolution when he started acting on the theater stage. “Sad Tropical” can be considered an extremely important work for him. “Honor” means “knowing how to save face and how to be ashamed“. Kim Seon-ho, who intends to focus on acting, is an actor who has some sense of honor.

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