Kim Se-jeong uploaded a photo in surprise after watching the last episode of “Transit Love 2”

Singer and actress Kim Se-jeong received a pleasant surprise while watching TVing’s “Transit Love 2.”

On Oct 28th, Kim Se-jeong shared a scene of “Transit Love 2” on her Instagram story with the caption “I’m a successful fan… #AllMyDays.”

The scene shared by Kim Se-jeong showed Jung Kyu Min and Sung Hae Eun in “Transit Love 2” confessing their feelings ahead of their final choices. As the background music, Kim Se-jeong’s song “All My Days” was played.

Kim Se-jeong-Transit Love 2

In response, Kim Se-jeong shared how surprised she was, “My song at this important moment… /crying/.” She also thanked the production team, saying, “Thank you, ‘Transit Love’.”

“All My Days” is a song released by Kim Se-jeong as the OST for the 2020 tvN drama “Crash Landing on You.” The song is a love song that starts with the lyrics “You know, I have something to say now” and tells the story one wants to tell their loved one like a monologue. When the song was first released, the mixture of Kim Se-jeong’s vocals, calm melodies and lyrics left a deep impression.

Kim Se-jeong All My Days

Kim Se-jeong debuted in 2016 as a member of the group I.O.I. She later re-debuted with idol girl group gugudan, but now she is active as a solo singer and actress. She starred alongside Ahn Hyo Seob in SBS’s drama “Business Proposal”, which was broadcast earlier this year, and was well-loved by the audience. She recently took on a lead role in SBS’s drama “Today’s Webtoon”.

Kim Se Jeong

On the other hand, in the last episode (Episode 20) of the TV show “Transit Love”, which was released on October 28th, the scene where the cast members Kim Tae Yi and Park Na Eon, Seong Hae Eun and Jeong Hyeon Gyu, and Na Yeon and Nam Hee Doo became final couples was shown. In the second half of this episode, after the final couples were decided, all of their current relationship status was revealed, drawing attention.

Transit Love 2

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