Kim Se Jeong, successful fan meeting in Japan… “Tearful reunion after 4 years”

Singer-actress Kim Se Jeong had a meaningful time with her fans.

Kim Se Jeong held her first Asian fan meeting “Sesang Diary” in Tachikawa, Japan on Nov 11th. She met Japanese fans for the first time in 4 years.

kim se jeong

It is her first solo fan meeting held in Japan. On this day, Kim Se Jeong performed her representative song “Flower Way”. Fans expressed their joy with enthusiastic applause.

Kim Se Jeong expressed her special affection for local fans, “It’s my first solo fan meeting after 4 years since 2018, so it’s even more special.

kim se jeong

She spent time looking through her filmography. Kim Se Jeong talked about her works and characters. Various corners were held, including “‘Q&A time with fans” and “Finding Se Jeong’s taste”.

There were also touching song presents. Kim Se Jeong sang her representative songs such as “Teddy Bear”, “Baby I Love U”, “Love, Maybe”, “Skyline” and “Let’s Go Home”.

kim se jeong

Fans rewarded with the slogan event “Se Jeong, we missed you”. Kim Se Jeong was moved to tears.

Kim Se Jeong conducted her first Asian fan meeting tour in Indonesia, Thailand and Japan from Nov 4th to Nov 11th. She showed off various charms with her witty volubility and unrivaled live performances.

Source: Dispatch

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