Kim Se-jeong enjoys her leisure time in France, wearing a modernized hanbok to show her love for Korea

Kim Se-jeong gave an update on her recent trip to France.

In the early morning of May 5th, Kim Se-jeong, actress and singer from the girl group Gugudan, uploaded a few photos on her Instagram along with the caption “Palace of Versailles (The day I wore this like a modernized hanbok but heard it looked like my mom’s clothes)”.


The released pictures show Kim Se-jeong enjoying her trip to the Palace of Versailles in France. She looks so free being able to travel without wearing a mask.

In particular, the fact that Kim Se-jeong wore a modernized hanbok on her trip to a foreign country left a special meaning. The outfit goes well with her lovely visual.

Meanwhile, Kim Se-jeong recently confirmed her appearance as the female lead of SBS’s new drama “Today’s Webtoon. “Today’s Webtoon” tells about a former judo athlete who gives up her lifelong sports due to an injury and struggles to become a true webtoon editor after getting a job in a webtoon editorial department.

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