Kim Se Jeong and Ahn Hyo Seop expected to sing their promised OST duet after “Business Proposal” exceeded 10% in ratings 

Fans are looking forward to the duet from Kim Se Jeong and Ahn Hyo Seop.

A Business Proposal

As reported by Nielsen Korea on March 16th, episode 6 of SBS’s “Business Proposal”, which aired on the previous day, recorded an average nationwide rating of 10.1%. 

Business Proposal” premiered to a rating of 4.9% in its first broadcast and has shown a remarkable rise in popularity since then thanks to its fun plot, breaking into double digit ratings in only 3 weeks.

During their appearance at SBS Power FM’s ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time‘ on February 25th, Kim Se Jeong and Ahn Hyo Seop made a special promise to the audience if the ratings of “Business Proposal” surpassed 10%.  

Kim Se Jeong said, “If we could hit a rating of 10%, with a very grateful heart, since our drama’s OST lineup is really good, (we will pick) one song, I will change the lyrics to an answer version, and oppa (Ahn Hyo Seop) will sing the original version. We will sing it together.”

Afterwards, Kim Se Jeong said on her Instagram account, “I don’t believe in God, but I wonder if the promise will be made because of God’s blessings,” adding, “The day has come.”

After Kim Se Jeong mentioned the ratings promise she made at the radio again, viewers and fans have expressed their excitement and looked forward to being able to listen to the OST soon.

Business Proposal” is a workplace romantic comedy that tells the love story between Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop), a handsome, talented but cold and narcissistic CEO, and Shin Ha Ri (Kim Se Jeong), his employee who lives a double life, an ordinary office worker and a femme fatale fake date. 

In the latest episode, after Kang Tae Moo finds out about Shin Ha Ri’s real identity, the two quickly become closer while going on a sea trip together under the guise of a business trip. 

Episode 6 ends with a heart-pounding moment when Kang Tae Moo approaches Shin Ha Ri after calling her “Babe,” and confidently introduces himself as Shin Ha Ri‘s boyfriend to her friends. 

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