Kim Rae-won x Lee Jong-suk’s ‘Decibel’ main poster unveiled… Released on November 16th

‘Decibel’, which is about to be released this month, has released a main poster

The movie “Decibel” is a sound terrorist action between a bomb designer (played by Lee Jongseok), who tries to occupy the city center with a special bomb that explodes as soon as the noise gets louder, and a former Navy deputy captain (played by Kim Rae-won), who became his target.


The main poster, released on the 3rd, caught the eye with the words “It will explode if it exceeds 100 dB.” In addition, a red glowing line represents the situation where a bomb is about to explode at any given moment.

lee jong suk decibel

Kim Rae-won, a former deputy naval commander who was a target of terrorists, wears a bomb vest and clenched his fists. Meanwhile, Lee Jong-seok, a bomb designer, holds a fuse, next to Jeong Sang-hoon as a reporter for a special report, and Park Byung-eun as an agent of the Ministry of Information Military Security Support Command.

decibel cha eun woo lee jong suk

“Decibel”, which was scheduled to be released on November 16, immediately received great anticipation thanks to the presence of reliable actors such as Kim Rae-won, Lee Jong-seok, Jung Sang-hoon, Park Byung-eun and Cha Eun-woo.

Source: daum

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