Kim Jung-hyun to resume his activities with independent film “Sec²ret”

Actor Kim Jung-hyun will make a comeback with an independent film and resume his activities.

Kim Jung-hyun‘s agency Story J Company told News 1 on Jan 28th, “Kim Jung-hyun confirmed his appearance in ‘Sec²ret’.”

Sec²ret” is a movie about people who encounter secrets of the past while tracking down a mysterious murder case. Kim Jung-hyun will play the role of a detective in this work.

Earlier, the reason why Kim Jung-hyun dropped out during the filming of MBC’s drama “Time” was re-examined. There was a rumor that the work was influenced as Kim Jung-hyun‘s ex-lover Seo Ye-ji gaslighted (psychological control) him.

Kim Jung-hyun

It was later revealed that Kim Jung-hyun had health problems at the time. He also wrote a handwritten letter and apologized, “The entire process of me departing ‘Time’ in the middle of the series and my actions at the press conference were wrong. I sincerely apologize to all the staff who had to go through rough times and to actress Seohyun who was hurt because of my actions.”

In September last year, he announced his new start at Story J Company and conveyed his will to return. At the time, he confessed, “I’m reflecting on myself for not taking responsibility for the choices that I made. No matter how much I thought about what I should do to repay the love I received and to reach the public, I realized acting is the only thing I could do.”


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