Kim Jongkook washes wet wipes even if he’s rich… a legendary episode of frugality

Another frugal side of Kim Jongkook, a famous “saving king” in the entertainment industry, was revealed. 

In a broadcast of the SBS program “Running Man” in July, the cast members went to visit Kim Jongkook’s house.

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As many guests gathered at the house that day, Kim Jongkook turned on the air conditioner and surprised people by saying, “I turned it on for the first time this year. Last year, I never turned on the air conditioner, so my electricity bill was 0 won.”

When actress Jeon Somin used two wet wipes, he showed his “cheap side” and invoked laughter by saying, “Use only one sheet.”

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Kim Jongkook, who has been working steadily and having earned enough money, was once again showing his thriftiness and drawing attention.

In the MBN and K-STAR program “High School Mom & Dad 2”, which aired on November 1st, Haha mentioned his best friend Kim Jongkook after hearing the story of Yoo Hyunhee, who became a mother at the age of 19. 

High School Mom and Dad 2

On this day, Yoo Hyunhee revealed how she was living with her son, who is about to turn 1, and her grandmother-in-law.

When asked if there was any conflict between her and the grandmother-in-law due to generational differences, Yoo Hyunhee explained that her lifestyle was different.

In particular, the young mother said, “I use wet wipes once and throw them away, but she uses them many times. She’d reuse a wipe until it becomes tattered, washing it and wetting it with water. Now, even I wash and recycle the clean ones and use them several times.”

Haha said, “There are people like that around me too. They are still using the wet wipes I bought for their housewarming two years ago.”

High School Mom and Dad 2

Then, Haha looked at the camera and said, “Kim Jongkook, please come out next week”, causing everyone to laugh.

On the other hand, while Kim Jongkook is a frugal to himself, he is famous for taking good care of his family and those around him.

On an episode of KBS2’s “Entertainment company Live”, which aired in September, stars who gave great gifts to their families were introduced.

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Among them, Kim Jongkook was selected as one of the stars that never holds back when it comes to his nephews, paid tuition for his brother, who is a plastic surgeon, and bought them all sorts of gifts such as snacks, shoes, and clothes for 10 years. 

The tuition Kim Jongkook paid for his brother is estimated to be around 10 million won per year. In addition, Kim Jongkook spent about 800 million won to buy an apartment in Anyang for his parents. 

Source: insight

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