Kim Jong-min is about to get married? His closest friend Kang Ho-dong is getting excited

Singer-broadcaster Kim Jong-min hinted at his marriage.

Kim Jong-min will appear as the 9th guest on Kang Ho-dong’s talk show “Just come out (걍나와)”, which is scheduled to air on Naver NOW. on August 3rd. In the teaser released earlier, when asked “What does ‘marriage’ means to you?”, Kim Jong-min said, “I’m thinking about doing it. The timing is getting nearer.”

Excited by Kim Jong-min’s honest answer, Kang Ho-dong asked,“You revealed this much so that means you already have someone, right?”, then put Kim Jong-min under pressure with questions about newlywed house and honeymoon. Later, when Kang Ho-dong frankly asked, “The main character, you already have a fiancée?”, Kim Jong-min showed a confused expression, raising the viewers’ curiosity.

Episode 9 of “Just come out (걍나와)”, starring Kim Jong-min, will be released on Naver NOW. at 8 p.m on August 3rd.

Source: daum

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