“Yoo Jae-suk line or Kang Ho-dong line?” – Kim Jong-kook summarized the rankings with one word that surprised everyone

Singer Kim Jong-kook summarized the rankings of Yoo Jae-suk and Kang Ho-dong to him.

On January 20th, a post titled, “The reason why there is no need to consider whether to choose Kang-line or Yoo-line, according to Kim Jong-kook”, was posted on the online community FM Korea.

Kim Jong-kook Knowing Bros

The post’s author posted several screenshots of a video uploaded on the Youtube channel “JTBC Voyage”. The scenes are from the broadcast of JTBC’s entertainment show “Knowing Bros” aired in July 2017.

Kim Jong-kook Knowing Bros

Kim Jong-kook appeared as a guest on the show that day. Kang Ho-dong asked him, “Is the best entertainment show of your life SBS’s ‘Running Man’ or ‘X-Man’, which you did together with me?”

Kim Jong-kook Knowing Bros

Kim Jong-kook said, “Many people asked me whether I choose ‘Yoo Jae-suk line’ or ‘Kang Ho-dong line’. I’m standing here, and I will make it clear right now”.

Kim Jong-kook Knowing Bros

He then said, “In fact, Jae-suk hyung is also in Kang Ho-dong line”. Kang Ho-dong was amazed by the answer and he said, “No. Why did he say so?”, while waving his hands.

Kim Jong-kook Knowing Bros

Kim Jong-kook revealed, “I remember this exactly. I met Ho-dong hyung in the parking lot of a broadcasting station a long time ago and he asked me, ‘Jong-kook, which line are you in?’. I said, ‘I’m in your line’. Then he replied this by himself, ‘Jae-suk is originally in my line’.”

Kim Jong-kook Knowing Bros

Upon hearing the story, “Knowing Bros” cast members immediately sang a goodbye song to Kang Ho-dong, drawing big laughter.


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