Kim Jong Kook sparring with 3 professional fighters? Even “Running Man” members will be surprised by the result 

As expected of “Gym” Jong Kook. 

On July 30th, mixed martial arts star and broadcaster Kim Dong Hyun posted a video on his YouTube channel titled, ‘What if Kim Jong Kook is up against pro fighters in kickboxing? 3 Minutes 3R Sparring’. In the video, Kim Dong Hyun invited Kim Jong Kook to the gym to spar with professional fighters after a brief interview.

kim jong kook

Kim Jong Kook is training in boxing as well as fitness. His skills are already known to be the top among ordinary people and close to the professional level. With steady self-management, Kim Jong Kook’s physical strength is armed with as much stamina as his muscles. 

kim jong kook

Kim Jong Kook’s opponents were Yoon Chang Min (27), Kim Sang Wook (28), and Moon Jun Hee (32). All of them are active professional fighters. However, Kim Jong Kook showed no sign of shriveling, but rather expressed his competitive spirit. He said, “Let’s do not just one, but all three.”

kim jong kook

In the battle between Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Chang Min, their 19-year age difference was not seen at all. Kim Jong Kook broke through the guard and put in effective hits several times. He showed a tight match against Yoon Chang Min with aggressive punches and low kicks. After the first sparring, Kim Jong Kook said, “It was fun. I feel good when my lower body is hit.”

kim jong kook

His second opponent was fighter Moon Jun Hee. Despite Moon Jun Hee’s menacing high kicks, Kim Jong Kook calmly defended and punched his abdomen. It was a heavy punch trained with weight.  Even after the second round, Kim Jong Kook showed no signs of exhaustion. Kim Dong Hyun passed on his punch tip, saying, “(Jong Kook) hyung has good muscles, so he prefers hooks to straight ones.”

His last opponent was fighter Kim Sang Wook, who led the victory over the special forces team alone in Channel A’s military survival show “The Iron Squad”. In addition, he is 5 cm taller than Kim Jong Kook, who is 178 cm, and has a longer reach. However, Kim Jong Kook exchanged punches and kicks and fought hard till the end. His punches that cut sharply through the guard proved his boxing skills were no ordinary.

kim jong kook

Even pro players were bitter at Kim Jong Kook’s low kicks. Kim Jong Kook faced three professional players, but succeeded in sparring without getting tired until the end. Moon Jun Hee said, “He is like a stone, not a person.” Yoon Chang Min  praised Kim Jong Kook, saying, “I felt the scent of Choo Sung Hoon.”

Kim Jong Kook has everything, from steady self-management, reflection, and tireless stamina. Indeed, it is not just a groundless rumor that Kim Jong Kook was ranked 5th in the entertainment industry’s fight ranking.

Source: Daum

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