Kim Jong-kook seeks dating advice from IVE, praises Jang Won-young’s cool response

Kim Jong-kook gave dating advice to IVE.

On the 13th, a video featuring the group IVE was posted on the YouTube channel ‘GYM Jong Kook’.

In the video, Kim Jong Kook asked IVE, “If a man has to go on a date but couldn’t work out that day and feels anxious, what would you do?” Jang Won Young replied, “Then go work out for a bit and come back. Instead of being anxious while being with me, take an hour to work out.” Impressed by Jang Won Young’s cool response, Kim Jong Kook exclaimed, “That’s really cool!”

IVE Kim Jong Kook

When asked what if he had to go play soccer after working out, Jang Won Young hesitated to answer. When asked if such a situation had ever happened, Kim Jong Kook replied, “But wouldn’t it be wrong to engage in other bad behavior? I’m going to work out.” Liz burst into laughter, saying, “If you’re in a relationship, spending time together is very important, so if you have exercise and soccer on your mind, it can be difficult.”

IVE Kim Jong Kook

When Kim Jong Kook asked if they would understand, Jang Won Young replied with a smile, “It would be great to meet someone who understands.”

Source: Daum

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