Kim Jaejoong to produce idols with former Cube official Noh Hyun Tae, new agency established 

Singer and actor Kim Jaejoong has founded the agency iNKODE, joining hands with former CEO of Cube, Noh Hyun Tae.

On May 4th, Kim Jaejoong’s side announced, Kim Jaejoong recently established the new agency, iNKODE, with Noh Hyun Tae, the former vice president of Cube Entertainment.”

Kim Jaejoong

Kim Jaejoong, who has become the head of a new agency, plans to participate not only in his own activities, but also in the production of new artists as an artist and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of iNKODE. His plan is to grow inKODE into a global agency by leading various businesses, such as producing new idols, managing K-pop artists and managing actors, which has strong growth potential. 

On the other hand, Kim Jaejoong celebrates his 20th debut anniversary this year. He has been consistently active in various fields, such as music, movies, dramas, and musicals.

KIm Jaejoong

Meanwhile, Noh Hyun Tae, who established iNKODE with Kim Jaejoong, served as the vice president of Cube Entertainment in the past. He was a figure who led the success of groups like BEAST and 4Minute, using his excellent insight and planning ability. As the CEO of iNKODE, Noh Hyun Tae plans to work on discovering and producing new artists who will lead the next generation of K-POP.

Source: Nate

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