Kim Hyun-joong, FreeZia’s choice on “Single’s Inferno,” confessed that his ideal type is Han So-hee

Kim Hyun-joong, who appeared in Netflix’s original “Single’s Inferno,” unveiled his actual ideal type.    

On Jan 13th, Kim Hyun-joong was asked various questions by fans through his “Ask me anything” Instagram story. On this day, Kim Hyun-joong honestly confessed, “I got a lot of questions about my ideal type,” adding, “My ideal type is Han So-hee.” He then tagged actor Han So-hee‘s Instagram account, drawing attention.

Kim Hyun-joong Single’s Inferno

Kim Hyun-joong also answered questions about the casting process for “Single’s Inferno“. He said, “I got an Instagram DM (direct message) then had a meeting with the production team. I’m still in touch with other ‘Single’s Inferno’ participants and continue our relationship.”

Kim Hyun-joong Single’s Inferno

In addition, when asked if “Single’s Inferno” was scripted, Kim Hyun-joong replied, “There was no script. We really lived and slept in the ‘Inferno Island’. Everyone had a hard time and suffered a lot.”

Kim Hyun-joong Single’s Inferno

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun-joong became the final couple with FreeZia (Song Ji-ah), a popular girl in “Single’s Inferno”, and escaped the “Inferno Island” together.

Kim Hyun-joong Single’s Inferno

Kim Hyun-joong received a lot of support by honestly expressing his feelings towards Song Ji-ah throughout the program. In particular, he was nicknamed “Song Ji-ah’s puppy” because whenever Song Ji-ah went on a date with another man, he waited for her like a puppy waiting for its owner.


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