Kim Hee Sun’s agency, “The actress is positively reviewing the casting offer for new drama ‘Gaslighting’”

Actress Kim Hee Sun has received an offer for her appearance in the new drama “Gaslighting” and is considering it.

On January 19th, an official from Kim Hee Sun’s agency Hinge Entertainment said to OSEN, “It is true that the actress has been offered a role, and she is reviewing it with a positive attitude.”

“Gaslighting” is a 12-episode series about Young Won, the best psychological counselor in Korea, and her mother-in-law Sa Gang facing each other’s secrets and truth because of their husband/son. This drama is a mix of comedy and thriller, and Kim Hee Sun is known to have been cast to play the role of Young Won.

Kim Hee Sun

Screenwriter Nam Ji Yeon (web drama “So I Married the Anti-fan”) and director Kim Seung Woo (movie “Bring Me Home) joins hands to create “Gaslighting”. It will be produced by JPX Studio.

Last year, Kim Hee Sun met drama viewers through MBC’s drama “Tomorrow” and Netflix’s original series “Remarriage & Desires”. As the actress continues to star in various works, such as “Angry Mom”, “The Lady in Dignity”, “Alice”, etc., even after getting married, fans are looking forward to her performance in the next acting project.

Meanwhile, the drama “Gaslighting” will begin filming after confirming the cast lineup and the broadcasting schedule.

Source: Daum

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