Kim Hee-jae opens up about his alumni relationship with BTS V and Jimin

Kim Hee-jae turns out to be BTS V and Jimin’s former classmate

In the 341st episode of JTBC’s entertainment show “Knowing Bros“, which aired on July 16, Seven, Chungha, and Kim Hee-jae transferred to the older brother’s school.

On this day, Kim Hee-jae said, “I entered high school as a vocal major, but my teachers told me that I was good at dancing. From then on, my nickname among my friends was Hee-Yonse,” said Kim Hee-jae.

Next, Kim Hee-jae revealed that he was a high school classmate with BTS Jimin, V, and Oh My Girl Seung-hee. “We were all in the same class for three years,” he said. 

When asked if he had called them by name at the time, Kim Hee-jae recalled, “It was like this: Jimin-ah, Seung-hee, and Tae-hyung-ah.

Source: daum

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