Gong Hyo-jin shows off happy daily life with “23-year besties” but not Son Dam-bi

Actress Gong Hyo-jin boasted happy memories with her long-time friends.

On July 15th, Gong Hyo-jin shared her daily life at the hotel swimming pool with her friends through Instagram. She wrote, “I believed it would rain, but it was sunny in the morning, so I dashed out. The wind blew while the sun went in and out moderately behind the clouds. This year’s vacation may end today.”

She added, “It was a dream-like day without filming with my 23-year besties.” At the same time, photos and videos of Gong Hyo-jin enjoying swimming in the pool were also released. In these photos and videos, you can get a glimpse of Gong Hyo-jin’s healing as she enjoyed freedom in a comfortable atmosphere with her long-time friends.

Gong Hyo-jin Son Dam-bi

Fans also admired Gong Hyo-jin’s relaxed appearance, enjoying a long break, and expressed their envy. Recently, Gong Hyo-jin was rumored to have broken off her friendship with Son Dam-bi, who was previously introduced as the actress’ best friend in the entertainment industry. Regarding these rumors, Son Dam-bi herself spoke up, calling them “absurd” and “baseless”.

Gong Hyo-jin Son Dam-bi

Although Gong Hyo-jin remained silent on the status of her friendship with Son Dam-bi, some netizens claimed that the actress did press “like” on a post about Son Dam-bi’s marriage, which suggested they are still close.

Gong Hyo-jin Son Dam-bi

However, many remained suspicious, as Gong Hyo-jin continued to show her affection and loyalty with others, who have been her friends for over 20 years. In addition, they pointed out that while Son Dam-bi is also active on Instagram, she did not heart Gong Hyo-jin’s post, unlike Jung Ryeo-won. Instead, the idol-actress published on Instagram a photo of herself and her husband enjoying their vacation.

Gong Hyo-jin Son Dam-bi

Meanwhile, Gong Hyo-jin recently confirmed her relationship with singer-songwriter Kevin Oh, who is 10 years younger than the actress.

Source: Naver

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