Kim Hee-chul, “Keep myself clean? Except for dogs and cats… But not people”

Kim Hee-chul revealed that he does not keep himself clean with dogs and cats.

On the May 29th broadcast of SBS’ entertainment show “My Little Old Boy“, Kim Hee-chul, Oh Min-seok and Lee Sang-min visited a dog cafe and had a conversation there.

Kim Hee-chul

Oh Min-seok, who saw Kim Hee-chul ordering food for his dog Gibok, admired, “Hee-chul seems to love Gibok like a child.”

Kim Hee-chul

Kim Hee-chul surprised everyone as he said, “When I raise an animal, I fall in love with it for real. Originally, I’m not the type to raise a dog. I’m a clean freak. But it’s a complete exception for dogs and cats.”

Kim Hee-chul

When Oh Min-seok asked “Is the rule that applies to people not for Gibok?”, Kim Hee-chul made everyone burst into laughter as he answered, “So they’re dogs and cats. But Jun-ho hyung? He’s a person. It’s totally different.”

Kim Hee-chul

Source: Daum

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