Kim Go Eun spreads a lovely freshness throughout Paris in W Korea pictorial

In a recent pictorial with fashion magazine W Korea, actress Kim Go Eun makes a deep impression with her outstanding lovely charms. 

Actress Kim Go Eun‘s charming presence exudes a delightful aura throughout the streets of Paris in a recent pictorial with W Korea magazine. On March 10th, the magazine released the pictorial, featuring Kim Go Eun, who made diverse poses in various outfits against the backdrop of the iconic city.


The editor who collaborated on the shoot remarked on the actress’s lovely charms, stating, “How was my day with Kim Go Eun, who visited Paris after a long time? It feels like I was watching a drama. Her captivating smile echoes throughout the pictures.”


More than anything else, Kim Go Eun left a lasting impression on viewers with her lovely atmosphere that can easily make anyone smile. The use of flowers, natural makeup, and free-spirited poses throughout the photoshoot also accentuates the radiating aura of the actress. 


Meanwhile, Kim Go Eun made a comeback to the big screen last year with the movie “Hero”, which revolves around An Jung Geun, who is a fighter for the Korean independence movement. Here, Kim Go Eun assumes the role of Seol Hee, who used to be a court lady for Queen Myeongseong and later assisted An Jung Eun by earning the favor of Japanese general Hirobumi Ito. 

Source: Nate

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