Kim Go Eun sleeps on the sofa in the lobby? Even Lee Min Jung is shocked

Kim Go Eun shared her tiring daily life.

Actress Kim Go Eun revealed her recent status on March 28th.

The photo released this time showed Kim Go Eun sleeping on a sofa in the hotel lobby.

Kim Go Eun

Above all, as Kim Go Eun seemed to be tired from filming, actress Lee Min Jung expressed concern, “What, yesterday? Today?” Kim Go Eun attracted attention by coolly replying, “This morning.”

Meanwhile, Kim Go Eun made a comeback to the screen with the movie “Hero” last year. “Hero” depicts the last unforgettable year of Ahn Jung Geun, who died after killing Ito Hirobumi in Harbin in October 1909, from when he was preparing to die to when he met his death. Kim Go Eun also chose the movie “The Unearthed Grave” as her next work.

Source: Nate

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