Kim Go-eun and her “legendary Korea National University of Arts Class of ’10”

Kim Go-eun, Lee Sang-yi, Kim Sung-cheol and Ahn Eun-jin are known to be classmates and best friends in the acting department of the Korea National University of Arts.

Aside from these four, Lee Yoo-young and Park So-dam are also members of the “legendary Korea National University of Arts Class of ‘10”. 

In a recent interview with Elle Korea, Kim Go-eun shared an episode about her college life while taking time to answer questions asked by fans.

Kim Go-eun said, “I and my friends always meet without planning ahead. We talk so much about the works we’re doing at the time. And we complain so much. ‘I’m doomed’, ‘I’m such a horrible actor’ and more.”

She continued, “‘How do I act well?’, ‘Should I quit?’ Something like that. Some nonsense we talk about… We never reply back.” The acting passion of these “legendary” classmates seems to be extraordinary.

Lee Sang-yi, Kim Go-eun’s classmate and best friend, made a special appearance in season 1 of “Yumi’s Cells” last year, adding fun to the drama by playing the role of Ji Wu-gi, Yumi (Kim Go-eun)’s ex-boyfriend.

Kim Go-eun, who is praised for her excellent acting skills as well as good vision of choosing works by succeeding in every drama she appears in, is currently planning to visit the small screen through “Little Women” in the second half of the year following “Yumi’s Cells 2”.

Source: daum

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