“Are you Song Joong Ki’s lover?”… Katy Louise Saunders’ Instagram fanpage is crowded with Song Joong Ki’s fans

Curiosity is growing about Song Joong Ki’s British girlfriend. Fans are looking for traces of Song Joong Ki by visiting his girlfriend’s past fanpage.

On Dec 26th, it was reported that Song Joong Ki is dating a beautiful British woman. The agency and Song Joong Ki immediately acknowledged this. On the same day, his agency HighZium Studio announced their official position, “Actor Song Joong Ki is dating a woman with good feelings.

song joong ki rumor girlfriend

It was also surprising that Song Joong Ki is dating a foreign woman, but the public paid more attention to the news that this woman had worked as an actress. The agency did not give a definite answer, but due to various circumstances, people agreed that Song Joong Ki’s lover is former British actress Katy Louise Saunders.

Katy Louise Saunders’ Instagram fan page, whose feed has been suspended since 2014, is currently receiving comments from Song Joong Ki’s fans. The question “Are you Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend?” appeared below the posts uploaded 8 years ago. Fans are looking for traces of Song Joong Ki by re-examining Katy’s past Instagram photos.

katy louise saunders

Katy Louise Saunders was born in 1984 and is one year older than Song Joong Ki. Born to a British father and a Colombian mother, she was born in England and graduated from the prestigious Bocconi University. She spent her childhood traveling between London and Italy, and later lived in Milan.

In the past, she worked as an actress and is known for her appearances in films such as “Los Borgia” (2006), “Third Person” (2013) and “The Lizzie McGuire Movie” (2003). However, she is reportedly retired from acting with no new activities in a long while. She is currently working as an English teacher.

Source: Nate

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