KARD “re-debuts” with a rookie’s mindset and passion after a 2-year hiatus 

KARD made a “re-debut” after two years with no comebacks. 

On June 22nd, at the comeback showcase for their fifth mini-album “Re:” held in Seoul, KARD said, “We want to hear that KARD pulled a KARD.” This album marks KARD’s first promotions as a full group in about a year and 10 months. 


Specifically, “Re:” is the first album released by KARD after the military discharge of member J.Seph. It contains KARD’s aspiration to go back to the beginning and start fresh with a mindset and passion of a rookie.


At the showcase, BM said, “If you put ‘re’ in front of a verb, it means ‘again’. As we came back after a long time, we came back with a refreshed mindset and a new passion. So I thought the album title ‘Re:’ would be the most accurate word.” 

Jiwoo said, “It’s an album that can contain words like ‘restart’ and ‘rebirth’. As it’s been a while since we made a comeback, we’ve worked hard to prepare the album with the heart of a beginner.”


“Re:” features the title track ‘Ring the Alarm’, ‘Breakdown’, ‘Good Love’, ‘Whip!’ and an accompaniment version. ‘Ring the Alarm’ was written and produced by Kim Do Hoon and Lee Hyun Seung, who are considered hit makers in the K-pop industry, and is a summer song that conveys KARD’s refreshing new charm.


Jiwoo introduced the new title track by saying, “We’ve been doing deep music lately. It seems like it’s been three years since we showed you refreshing music. As it’s been a long time since our last comeback, we brought back the sound that we showed at the beginning of our debut, and we also put a mature and sexy side in it.” 


In particular, this album also highlights the high participation of KARD members themselves. Somin and Jiwoo participated in ‘Break Down’, and J.Seph participated in ‘Ring the Alarm’, ‘Breakdown’ and ‘Whip!’.  BM, who released a solo album last year, was listed in the credits for all songs, proving his musical capabilities.

KARD added that they would have fun promoting after two years. Jiwoo said, “When I debuted, not only did I want to do well and rise high, but I also thought that I wanted to be with my friends who like music. I think that initial intention touched me now. So I think I was able to show more passion.”


BM said, “We have different tones and characters. That’s how we became a colorful group. We did the highlight medley live, and one of the comments on the video said we sound ‘rich in tone’. I felt proud of that.”

J.Seph expressed confidence, saying, “I think that we are a team that can show all the harmony that we have as a mixed-gender group through our performance. I want to give many people the feeling that KARD is KARD.”


J.Seph added, “This album is my favorite album, from outfits, hairstyles, to accessories. I hope that fans and the public will like this album as much as I do. We would appreciate it if you look forward to it because it is an album that we worked hard on with confidence.”

KARD released “Re:” at 6 pm KST on June 22nd and will be start promoting the title track ‘Ring the Alarm’

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