KARD Jiwoo spoke up about her AAA performance which flustered Stray Kids

Jiwoo, a member of mixed group KARD, stood on Stray Kids’ table to perform at the 2022 and surprised everyone. 

On December 13th, the 2022 Asia Artist Awards (hereinafter referred to as ‘2022 AAA’), was held in Nagoya, Japan. Here, alongside outstanding stages delivered by top Kpop stars, one particular performance left the audience and artists speechless, and was buried in controversial opinions. In particular KARD Jisoo stood on a table to sing during the awards, leaving Stray Kids, who was sitting there, flustered, and pointedly averting their eyes elsewhere. 

The performance ended up receiving huge attention, with the audience showing conflicted responses. While some believed that the stage was hip and unique, others claimed that it makes things awkward for Stray Kids, who had no choice but to avoid looking at Jiwoo. 

However, Jiwoo spoke up about the controversial performance right after the 2022 AAA concluded, and explained that she never had the intention to stand on Stray Kids’ table. 

jiwoo kard

In particular, the female idol said through the fan platform Bubble that, “During the rehearsal, Stray Kids were sitting at another table. However, we had to prepare in a rush during the real performance, and upon coming out, noticed that Stray Kids now sit at the table I was supposed to stand on. My only thought at the time was that I had to climb onto it. I had to start quickly.” 

Jiwoo also mentioned that she was extremely nervous, and was not wearing skirts but rather shorts. Finally, she said that she was too worried and not pleased with her performance in the end. 

jiwoo kard
KARD Jiwoo expressed that she was too nervous and not pleased about her performance

Source: k14

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