BTS’s RM reveals how he picks birthday gifts, “I select after setting the filter to ‘highest price’”

RM of BTS talked about birthday presents and congratulatory money.

On December 14th, a video titled “Ask BTS’s RM for income tax in 2022” was posted on the YouTube channel Psick Univ. RM of BTS appeared in the video as a guest with the concept of a talk show.


In the video, Jung Jae Hyung asked RM, “How many gifts do you send when your friends’ birthdays pop up on Messenger?”

In response, RM said, “This is a really important and tricky question. Congratulatory money is a real problem for me.”


RM explained, “When sending a gift via messenger, I always choose the most normal gift. It is Hanwoo (Korean premium beef).” 

RM then confessed, “But I also have pride, so I always set the filter to ‘highest price’. But the highest one is 1 million won to 500,000 won. So I always choose the 3rd or 4th one. It’s about 200,000 to 300,000 won.”

In response to RM’s unexpected and candid answer, the members of Psick Univ expressed their admiration, saying, “That is so realistic,” “You are similar to me,” and “You’re really honest.”


In addition, regarding congratulatory money, RM said, “When sending congratulatory money, I send a lot. But if I don’t have plans to send, I won’t. I think being ambiguous is the worst.”

Source: Nate

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