KARA burst out crying in memories of the late member, Goo Hara 

The way KARA always cherishes Goo Hara brings warmth to long-term fans and the wider community. 

To celebrate their 15th debut anniversary, KARA recently released an EP “Move Again” with 4 songs. The return of the second-generation girl group brought nostalgia to fans and ‘revived’ their fandom. 


After the last promotion for their title song “When I Move” on Inkigayo on December 4th, five members of KARA (Seungyeon, Gyuri, Nicole, Jiyoung and Youngji) held a fan-meeting to greet fans. At the event, the members shared their thoughts and feelings about this long-awaited return and showed their gratitude to supporters for their continuing support in the past 15 years. Above all, Seungyeon’s speech moved fans for its reference to the late member of the group, Goo Hara:

“To be honest, I doubted this [comeback] would work. I thought the songs would end up stuck in my external hard drive and never make it out… But a lot of people helped us out.

I know this has been a struggle for my members, too… I’m truly grateful for them, for pulling this off. And for our unwavering fans, who show us never-ending love, I’m indebted. You are the reason we were able to come together like this and find happiness again. Our rocks, our greatest supporters. I really did have a lot of concerns. But even when I wasn’t sure about the comeback, doubting whether I’d be able to actually do it all over again, you had my back.”

kara seungyeon
Seungyeon burst into tears 
kara seungyeon goo hara
Perhaps she remembered Hara 

While she made no direct mention to the late member, fans believed Seungyeon did refer to Hara in a special tribute: 

“I… miss [her] so, so much. So much that I did not think I’d be able to do this ever again. But I pushed through, believing that [she] was with us, doing this together.

The end of the MV “When I Move” has 6 microphones, with one reserved for Goo Hara 

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The feelings KARA has for their lost member touched Korean netizens: 

  • I will listen to the song, knowing it’s of six members. 
  • I have watched many KARA performances this time around and many other previous promotional activities. Goo Hara was truly talented. We lost a star… I hope she rests in peace. 
  • I only wish for the best for Goo Hara and KARA. 
  • Seungyeon said the preparation for the comeback was a ‘burden’ to her. I think she meant she was having difficulty because she missed Hara so much. She might have not said it, because this was an anticipated comeback and she did not want her fans to be sad, but I had a feeling this is what she meant by ‘burden’. 
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Source: K14

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