Kanye West leaked explicit photos of ex-wife Kim Kardashian to employees

Controversy came out after reports that Kanye West showed explicit photos of his former wife, Kim Kardashian, to employees.

According to the American media outlet Page Six on November 22th (local time), Kanye West allegedly showed explicit images of Kim Kardashian to employees. 

Rolling Stone also reported that a young creative claimed that the rapper showed him “a very revealing and personal photo” of Kim during a job interview in 2018. 

Kim Kardashian Kanye

Kanye West was “not afraid to show explicit images or talk about situations that should be kept private”, another said, confirming the allegations. 

In addition, a report obtained by Rolling Stone revealed that various employees from Yeezy accused Adidate executives for doing away with their “moral compass”, effectively enabling Kanye to create a toxic corporate atmosphere. To put it simply, the company was well-aware of the rapper’s behavior, but decided to ignore it. 

Kim Kardashian Kanye

Earlier in September, Kanye admitted that his “porn addiction” had destroyed his family, leading to speculations about his broken relationship with Kim.

Moreover, Adidas recently severed their ties with the rapper following his controversial anti-Semitic remarks. 

On the other hand, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married in 2014. The two have a son and a daughter, and later have a third daughter and a fourth son through a surrogate mother. They have been filing for divorce since 2021.

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