Famous dog trainer Kang Hyung Wook is angry at the malicious messages from Europe

“Go Dog Trainer” (literal title) Kang Hyung Wook confessed that he was scolded by a trainer he worked with in the past.

In the third episode of tvN STORY’s “Go Dog Trainer,” which aired on Nov 24th, Kang Hyung Wook introduced a special pet dog culture along with the real reason why he left to learn more.

Kang Hyung-wook

Kang Hyung Wook said, “I was worried. Some trainers who studied abroad together with me in Europe about 10 or 15 years ago send me SNS messages these days. They told me they are disgusted. That they saw me 10 years ago and how great I was. When they see my training on TV now, they say I have changed a lot and my training now is like trash,” he shared with difficulties.

Kang Hyung-wook

Kang Hyung Wook said, “After hearing those words, I fought back, ‘Do you know Korea?’ ‘Have you lived in Korea?’ When you go for a walk, the neighborhood park here is not the park in Norway that you know about. I spit out like a real sick person,” he added.

Kang Hyung Wook confessed, “The advice I give may not match the current training I give. Internally, I usually contemplate, ‘Is this right?'” he painfully shared how he has a lot of worries internally.

Source: Osen

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