Kang Tae-oh: “Choosing ‘Woo Young-woo” right before enlistment is more reassuring than disappointed to me”

Actor Kang Tae-oh appeared in a photo shoot for the fashion magazine Elle.

This time, Kang Tae-oh captures a strange and sensual side of him, which is quite different from the friendly and warm-hearted Lee Joon-ho in the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” giving off totally unfamiliar energy compared to him in the drama.

In an interview during the photo shoot, Kang Tae-oh expressed his feelings about saying goodbye to “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” He said, “I felt thrilled seeing the characters grow up through different stories after each episode,” and added, “I’ve heard a lot from people around me that they see me a lot on SNS and YouTube thanks to the popularity of this work. Some people have even dug back to watch my previous works with affection. I’m very grateful,” he said.

He, who has always walked the path of an actor at his own pace, said, “Whenever I challenge what I haven’t tried before and find a new and unfamiliar side of myself, I find a driving force to move forward.” Regarding his feelings about his soon-to-be enlistment which will leave behind his current hot popularity, he said, “I’m glad that I can confidently say, ‘I’ll be back safely’ to everyone with this work. I feel more reassured than disappointed.”

Kang Tae-oh’s pictorial and interviews are available in the September issue of Elle and the Elle website. His behind-the-scenes content “Love Counseling Center,” which has a different charm compared to the photo cuts, will also be released on Elle’s YouTube channel soon.

Source: nate

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