Kang Soo-jung, “Before getting married, I tried to approach Kim Jong-kook but he put up a wall and blocked me”

Announcer-turned-broadcaster Kang Soo-jung said she did approach Kim Jong-kook before she got married.

Kang Soo-jung will guest on KBS 2TV’s entertainment show “Problem Child in House” on June 29th.

In a recent recording, the MCs asked Kang Soo-jung if she was Kim Jong-kook’s ex-lover. She replied, “Kim Jong-kook was really famous in the past. He’s a reserved muscle man.

Kim Jong-kook

Kang Soo-jung said, “So before I got married, there was a time when I often ran into Kim Jong-kook on a show”, adding, “I jokingly told Kim Jong-kook that ‘My mom caught a brood hen’. He said he would sing a song for me at my wedding but he blocked me then.”

(In Korean, “catching a brood hen” means the mother-in-law cooks a meal to welcome the visit of her son-in-law)

kim jong kook

Kang Soo-jung also confessed that she had been on blind dates about 70 times since her colleague days until she got married. She recalled, “My husband and I also met on a blind date. When I was single, I wrote my ideal conditions in a ‘spouse note’ and kept it in my wallet. About 10 months after I wrote that ‘spouse note’, I got married to my husband.”

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Broadcaster Hwang Soo-kyung will also reveal more details about her love story and how she got married within 6 months after meeting her husband. She said, “I met my husband for the first time on a blind date, but the more I met him, the more I got to trust him and like him”, adding, “At that time, I found an article about marriage on the front page of a sports newspaper. That article was one of the decisive reasons for our marriage.”

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