Jinx At First and the top K-dramas of June 2022: the series that shined the most is…

The summer of 2022 is filled with great Korean series, but which K-dramas in particular are doing the best?

June and other months so far of 2022 can be considered a great time for K-drama lovers with a wide variety of series in various genres. However, according to the Korean data analysis site Racoi, here are the Top 8 hottest K-dramas of this mid-year:

Top 8: Cleaning Up 

Adapted from a British series of the same name, “Cleaning Up” follows the steps of three janitors who work at a securities company. They accidentally heard insider information, and decided to start eavesdropping and invest in stocks themselves. 

cleaning up

While the rating of “Cleaning Up” is pretty low at around 2%, the series is getting more and more exciting through every episode. There’s literally no telling what will happen next, making the series a rather unique and notable one.

jeon so min - cleaning up

Top 7: Bloody Heart 

Starring Lee Joon, Kang Han Na, and Jang Hyuk, “Bloody Heart” tells the story of the young king Lee Tae, who’s fed up with being a puppet leader and wants to make his own name. The historical series is a combination of brilliant writing and acting. 

bloody heart

Right from its first airing, “Bloody Heart”, was highly praised for its spectacular cinematography and storytelling. The series, while not overwhelmingly popular, recorded decent ratings and made a deep mark in the hearts of various K-drama fans. 

Bloody Heart

Top 6: Insider 

As the return of the 2020 Baeksang’s Best Actor Kang Ha Neul, “Insider” made an outstanding debut. The drama revolves around the attorney student Kim Yo Han, whose life seemed to have hit a dead end after stumbled into a crime. In this series, Kang Ha Neul once again boasts his spectacular acting prowess, making it all the more impactful to watchers. 


Top 5: Eve 

While “Eve”’s revenge plot isn’t exactly new, the series drew attention with its plot that focuses on the female lead Lee Ra El, who spent 13 years planning the downfall of people who ruined her family. She ended up wrecking a marriage in the process, causing the most shocking divorce in Korea. 


“Eve” is an astounding K-drama, full of acting talents and intense plotlines. While the series’ rating isn’t the highest, the series is well-loved by international fans, with remarkable topicality. It is truly a drama to watch out for. 


Top 4: Jinxed At First 

Jinxed At First” can be considered a dark horse in the current K-drama race, with its cute atmosphere and romcom genre. The series is about the unfortunate guy Gong Soo Kwang, and his relationship with the “goddess of luck” Lee Seul Bi. 

Jinxed at First thumbnail

The lovely chemistry of Na In Woo and Seohyun along with the cute and fun plot are the major reasons why “Jinxed At First” is attracting many viewers. The drama has great potential to become the next hit rom-com K-drama of 2022. 


Top 3: Doctor Lawyer

Starring So Ji Sub, Im Soo Hyang and Shin Sung Rok with a thrilling plot about legal and medical cases, “Doctor Lawyer” is among the most attention-grabbing dramas at the moment. It tells the story of how doctor-turned-lawyer Han Yi Han finds justice for himself and is getting more interesting with each episode. Marking So Ji Sub’s long-awaited return to the small screen after a long break, “Doctor Lawyer” has recorded the highest rating of 6.9%, proving its charm. 

Top 2: Alchemy Of Souls

As a comeback of the screenwriter duo Hong Sisters after “Hotel Del Luna”, “Alchemy Of Souls”, despite not having an A-list star-studded cast, the young main leads including Jung So Min and Lee Jae Wook are charming enough to draw viewers in. With a visual cast, an exciting and unpredictable plot, fast pace, beautiful CGI effects, the drama premiered to a rating of more than 5%, already reached nearly 7% after just 4 episodes, and promises to record even bigger numbers. 

Alchemy Of Souls

Top 1: Why Her?

The highest-rated drama at the moment is without doubt “Why Her”, starring the “ratings queen” Seo Hyun Jin and rising actor Hwang In Yeop. The drama centering on Oh Soo Jae, her life and struggles becomes more engaging with each episode. The love line between the two leads is also charming and adds to the fun. With a well-written plot and great acting led by Seo Hyun Jin, the rating of “Why Her?” has quickly surpassed double digits. 

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