“I think I’ve reached my limit”, Kang Ji-young shares her feelings after leaving Kara and raises expectations for the group’s reunion

Kang Ji-young appeared on “Not Staycation but Starcation” and confessed her feelings after leaving Kara.

In the 8th episode of MBN and ENA PLAY’s entertainment program “Not Staycation but Starcation”, which aired on July 18th, a ‘two days, one night’ trip at Hotel & Resort C in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do was shown.

Ye Ji-won and Soyou spent a great day with Kara former members Nicole and Kang Ji-young, who showed up on the show as their new travel mates.

Soyou started the confessing time when she said she became close to Nicole thanks to their overlapping promotions although they were from different groups. 

In particular, Soyou said, “Among 91-line members, Nicole is the only one who likes drinking and working out. That’s how we got close to each other”. She also drew attention by unveiling a non-alcoholic cocktail recipe that can be enjoyed as a light drink in the summer. 

Kang Ji-young revealed that she spent time recharging herself after leaving Kara and recalled the past when she was active as an actress in Japan.

Nicole also explained briefly how she had found some leeway in her life through traveling. She then said, “We want to do something special, but we haven’t had any specific plan yet”, attracting attention by talking about reuniting with Kara members, who recently gathered to celebrate their 15th debut anniversary.

Meanwhile, the four began to check each other’s tastes before playing the game to assign rooms. Soyou laughed at Nicole and Kang Ji-young’s confessions of their sleeping habits and drew laughter as she refused to share her room with everyone, saying “I want to use the room alone!”. In addition, a fierce “bottle cap curling” battle over the “double-bed room” and “twin-bed room” was also carried out.

Ye Ji-won played the game passionately and sincerely as she even laid down on the floor, but finished last with Kang Ji-young because of an out-of-the-park homerun. “Game genius” Soyou took 1st place by settling the bottle cap in the middle of the target.

Kang Ji-young, who shared a room with Ye Ji-won, confessed her worries as an actress, and their honest conversation made the viewers feel sad. Kang Ji-young shed tears when she recalled the past 5 years when she was active as an actress in Japan, saying “I think I’ve reached my limit”. Ye Ji-won cheered on Kang Ji-young with a chanson and guitar performance, giving off a warm atmosphere.

In addition, the four also went outside to eat Gapyeong’s specialty Dakgalbi (spicy stir-fried chicken). Right after sitting down, they ordered a lot and made a bet on lunch money by playing “pass the bomb” game using a mobile phone timer.

While saying words related to Gapyeong one by one, Ye Ji-won began to speak randomly as she was out of ideas so Soyou stopped the game. Nicole, who was sitting next to Ye Ji-won, barely passed and won the lunch bet, causing unexpected laughter.

Later, they were seen enjoying water leisure activities, providing the small screen viewers with their cool and relaxing appearance. “Athletic genius” Soyou boasted her amazing wakeboarding skills by playing with the waves and water currents. 

Nicole, who tried wakeboarding for the first time in her life, had a hard time getting on the board but surprised everyone with her second attempt. Attention is focused on whether she would be able to overcome the waves and get on the board. 

“Not Staycation but Starcation” presented a thorough fun to the viewers every Monday night with the cool journey of the casts enjoying their summer vacation in Gapyeong. The show airs at 10:40 p.m. 

Source: daum

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