“Rookie Actress” BLACKPINK” Jennie Shared Her Thought On “The Idol”: “Feeling so excited”

Jennie expressed her feelings about making her debut as an actress through HBO’s new drama series ‘The Idol’.

On July 19, YG Entertainment made an official announcement, “Jennie will appear in the HBO series ‘The Idol'”.

Through her agency, Jennie said, “As soon as I finished reading the script, I felt very attractive and wanted to appear with everyone in this drama. Feeling very excited. I will definitely work hard. Hope you will appreciate it.”


“The Idol” is a film series produced by famous pop artist The Weeknd. The film deals with the relationships surrounding pop idols and the music industry, starring many top artists such as Jennie, The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Depp, Troy Sivan,

Up to now, Jennie’s character is still being kept a secret, raising netizens’ expectation for her first role. The airing date of ‘The Idol’ has yet to be determined.

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