Kang Dong-won to show new face through “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman”, “I look like an old man in his 40s”

Kang Dong-won will captivate viewers with his visual, perfect acting and unexpected charm in his new film

Scheduled to premiere on September 27th, “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman” depicts the story of fake exorcist Dr. Cheon who cannot see ghosts but solves the case with ghost-like insight, and is commissioned for a powerful possession case. This is the debut feature film by director Kim Sung-sik, who was an assistant director for Bong Joon-ho’s “Parasite” and Park Chan-wook’s “Decision to Leave”.

Kang Dong-won

Returning to the big screen one year and three months after “Broker”, Kang Dong-won explained why he chose this work, saying “‘Dr. Cheon’ is an easy-to-watch movie. Its subject and story are fresh so it’s like a movie suitable for viewers these days. There are various genres mixed in this work”. He shared, “I tried not to repeat the dialogue tone I used in my previous works. I was determined to show new things to the audiences”.

At the recent press conference for “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman”, Kang Dong-won received many compliments for his acting from his fellow actor Lee Dong-hwi and director Kim Sung-sik. In this regard, Kang Dong-won said, “As an actor, I feel good when my face comes out beautifully on the screen. I look even better on the screen this time with the traces of time. I used to think I looked younger than my age, but now I think I look very mature, like an old man in his 40s.”

Kang Dong-won

Regarding his focus on genre works rather than melodramas, the actor confessed, “I like melodramas but I think it is more difficult to act than fantasy genre. It’s harder to express the emotions that are familiar to everyone. If there’s a good scenario that I can sympathize with, I’ll do it.”

Kang Dong-won recently made his first appearance on an entertainment show for the first time in 19 years through “You Quiz on the Block”. The actor honestly said, “I came out there to promote my movie (laughs). I think it would help promote the work better”, adding “I hesitated to do variety shows before because I thought there was nothing about myself to talk about”.

Lastly, Kang Dong-won also expressed his desire to become a good actor, saying “I don’t think an actor should be trapped in his own world. You should not lose your sense of reality. That’s why I turn on the radio and watch the news. I try to communicate with people in various fields as much as possible and receive great inspiration from them.”

Source: Daum

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