Kang Dong-won, “I really want to make ‘Jeon Woo-chi 2’ before I get older” (BIFF)

Actor Kang Dong-won expressed his greed for the production of “Jeon Woo-chi: The Taoist Wizard” sequel.

Kang Dong-won met with the audience at the 27th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) – “Actor House: Kang Dong-won” held at KNN Theater of KNN Tower in Haeundae, Busan at 7 p.m on October 9th.

At the event, Kang Dong-won recalled the time when he filmed “Jeon Woo-chi: The Taoist Wizard” (2009) and said, “I was still a rookie back then”, adding “I felt the stress and pressure of being a rookie actor who led such a big masterpiece. But of course, I had to much fun while acting and I prepared for it very carefully”.

Kang Dong Won

He shared, “I did lots of research about the gestures of such characters and created mine, added some slapstick elements, and prepared to show as many amazing action scenes as I could. I also tried to highlight the naughty side of my character”, adding “However, it was a pity that ‘Jeon Woo-chi’ was released at the same time as ‘Avatar’. I really want to make ‘Jeon Woo-chi 2’. I want to make it as soon as possible and before I get older.”

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Kang Dong-won also revealed how he has changed since “Jeon Woo-chi”. The actor said, “Before, I rarely hung out with other actors after the filming, and senior actors always gathered and ate together during the filming breaks. After shooting half of the movie, I became closer to them so they asked me to join their talks. At first, I thought ‘I want to be alone’, and made an excuse to leave. But later, I found it fun being with others”.

He continued, “The seniors were so nice and funny. We talked together every day after then and I realized ‘So this is what makes movie filming so interesting’. I started to understand the meaning of colleagues since then”, adding “Before that, I believed that we should do things on our own but while making ‘Jeon Woo-chi’, I could feel that we were like fellows from the same company. I really liked that”.

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“Actor House” allows the icons of the Korean movie industry, such as veteran actors, to meet the audience and hold a special talk show for them to directly shares stories about their acting life and philosophy. Han Ji-min, Kang Dong-won, Lee Young-ae, and Ha Jung-woo participate in this corner of the 2022 BIFF.

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Kang Dong-won debuted in 2003 in the drama “Country Princess” and began to make his name known to the public after starring in “Something About 1%” in the same year. Establishing himself as a “flower boy” actor thanks to his appearance in movies “Too Beautiful to Lie” and “Temptation of Wolves”, Kang Dong-won has been active on the screen and proved his solid acting skills through numerous representative works, such as “Maundy Thursday”, “Jeon Woo-chi”, “Secret Reunion”, “ Kundo: Age of the Rampant”, “The Priests”, “A Violent Prosecutor”, “Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned”, “Golden Slumber”, “Peninsula”, “Broker”, etc. His next films, “The Incident” and “Possessed”, are expected to be released soon.

Source: Daum

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