Kang Dong Won boasts several rumored relationships with female Korean stars despite never going public with any partner 

Actor Kang Dong Won has been rumored to be in several relationships but never gone public with anyone. 

Korean actor Kang Dong Won possesses several features that create an image of a man with irresistible charm: good acting, a handsome face, and a formidable family and educational background. Through his years of working, the actor has been rumored to be in multiple relationships. Nevertheless, none of them was confirmed to be real.  


Kang Dong Won and BLACKPINK Rosé were recently caught in a dating rumor that started with a simple photo. Specifically, a former chief creative officer of Burberry, Riccardo Tisci, posted a photo of a small dinner party at designer Eva Chow on his Instagram. He, later, deleted the photo. 

A photo posted by Riccardo Tisci evoked dating rumors between BLACKPINK Rosé and Kang Dong Won 

Following the emergence of countless rumors, more evidence was published that hinted at the relationship status of the two celebrities. On April 17th, YG released a vague announcement, stating, “It’s difficult to confirm facts related to our artist’s personal life.” 

Alleged couple items between Kang Dong Won and Rosé 
Rosé was at the VIP premiere for “Broker” starring Kang Dong Won 
The two appeared at the same location 

Nonetheless, on the same day, YG released another statement. This time, they denied the rumors: “Previously, we conveyed earlier that it is not possible to confirm the artist’s personal matter in regards to Rosé, but we inform you once again as indiscriminate speculation has continued. We reveal that the dating rumors reported today regarding Rosé are not true, and we would be grateful if you could help so that information different from the facts is not circulated.” 

Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won worked on two projects together: “Camellia” in 2010 and “My Brilliant Life” in 2014. Dating rumors started when the two of them were seen strolling through the streets of Paris. The parties involved denied the rumors afterward. 

However, rumors continued circulating as netizens believed, because Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Kyo were already under the same company, it would be easier for them to develop feelings for each other. 

kang dong won
A photo of Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won on the streets of Paris 

Kang Dong Won also said he confessed his feelings for her, but the actress turned him down because she wanted to focus on her career. 

The rumors only subsided when Song Hye Kyo announced her official relationship with Song Joong Ki, and Kang Dong Won left UAA and moved to YG Entertainment. 

Han Hyo Joo

In 2018, Kang Dong Won worked with Han Hyo Joo on two projects, “Golden Slumber” and “Illang: The Wolf Brigade.” The two actors were seen getting groceries together in the U.S. 

A photo of Kang Dong Won and Han Hyo Joo going to the grocery in the U.S. 

However, Han Hyo Joo and Kang Dong Won both refuted the rumors. Nonetheless, they were chilled about the rumors and even addressed them directly. The actress shared playfully that she and Kang Dong Won shared a love for food, so they often talked about restaurants. Kang Dong Won affirmed they did not feel awkward following the rumors. 


Jung Ryeo Won

In 2016, it was rumored that Kang Dong Won was dating an actress of the same age, whom he knew through a middle-aged male singer. “My Lovely Sam Soon” Jung Ryeo Won was speculated to be the woman in question. 


Nonetheless, Kang Dong Won plainly denied the rumors through his agency. He clarified he never met the actress once, and that he was sorry the erupted rumors were affecting her. 

Source: Naver 

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