Kang Daniel, careless remarks once again… “Confused for a moment due to the final broadcast’s heated atmosphere”

Singer Kang Daniel bowed his head once again due to his careless remarks.

Kang Daniel appeared in the last episode of Mnet’s dance survival program “Street Man Fighter” (SMF), which aired on Nov 8th.

At the end of the broadcast, he mentioned the products from the brands that sponsored the program, saying, “I’ll greet the advertisers. Trevi tastes very nice. I’m just kidding. But I said it half-seriously.”

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After confirming, netizens pointed out that the brand that sponsored “SMF” was not “Trevi” but another carbonated water brand called “Seagram”.

Regarding this, Kang Daniel’s agency told Newsen on Nov 9th, “It was his mistake to say the wrong brand. He seemed to be confused for a moment due to the heated atmosphere of the final broadcast. We apologize to viewers and the advertisement brand.”

Street Woman Fighter

It is not the first time Kang Daniel apologized for his words. Prior to the first broadcast of “SMF”, he talked about the cast through a fan communication platform, “I’m really close to the male dancers and I also have lots of experience in that scene. That’s why I can be the MC. To be honest, I feel very comfortable being on the show with male dancers because I don’t get sucked of my energy. It was scarier when I did ‘Street Woman Fighter’, so I like the current show better. I was really scared and nervous back then. The female dancers also wore bold eyeliner and makeup.”

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When some fans pointed out that his remarks were inappropriate because he was having sexist attitudes toward the dancers, Kang Daniel reacted, “What’s wrong with saying that I got scared? Imagine yourself reading a poem in front of 60 men. It’s scary, right? What do you mean I’m having a sexist attitude? I’m at a loss for words. I’ll skip them. Block, bye ppyong! People like them would get mad when they see stand-up comedy shows. Let’s just live comfortably. Life is already tough.”

Afterwards, Kang Daniel belatedly apologized through SNS on July 20th.

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He said, “I’m sorry for causing unnecessary misunderstandings when I exaggerated the meaning of ‘I was nervous and trembling’. I admitted that my response in the situation where I should have been alert to the possibility of gender conflict promotion and expansion was imprudent. From now on, I will be more cautious in my remarks and actions.”

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