Han So Hee erases while Nana engraves, netizens engage in heated debate over tattoos for actresses 

The opposite actions of Han So Hee and Nana when it comes to tattooing as actresses have become a hot topic. 

Previously, Han So Hee, who used to have huge tattoos all over her body prior to acting debut, showed up at an event in blemish-less and milky skin, not one tattoo in sight. The actress seems to have removed most of her tattoos, and her glowing skin attracts attention. 

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Han So Hee

Han So Hee also posted photos at the venue on her personal SNS. 

According to previous photos of Han So Hee at a fansign event, the actress still has tattoos on her sides and near the public bone, which are now well-covered.

Han So-hee

This is a completely different move from other stars, who have been boasting a body covered in tattoos recently. 

In particular, idol-actress Nana drew a lot of attention when she showed up at a press conference in full-body tattoos, and singers such as HyunA also enjoy tattoos of various sizes. Meanwhile, Moon Ga Young was also spotted with a bird tattoo on her back. 


Regarding the act of getting tattoos, fans and industry insiders alike have been showing divisive opinions. Nevertheless, most have been favorable responses like “they express individuality” and “they look cool”, and since tattoo-ing is a personal choice, there is no need to argue about it. 

However, some also raise rather opposing views, particularly when it comes to acting. 

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In particular, celebrities often have to freely digest different concepts and roles depending on their projects, and in this regard, tattoos can be a hindrance. For example, a tattoo may not match a character in a project, or the image of an album. 

An industry official also said, “What if the actor or actress accidentally exposes a tattoo on the back of their hand while filming a historical drama? If you have a job that requires you to change your image, tattoos should be chosen more carefully.”

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