K-pop idols with a cool image but off-stage, they are afraid of being scolded by their moms 

They are so relatable! 

No matter how cool K-pop idols look on camera, outside of their celebrity life, they are actually not so different from any commoners. Many idols have made fans laugh with cute and funny stories of how they are afraid of their mothers.


Since his debut, BamBam has gained many fans thanks to his charming visuals and many talents. He is also famous for his cheerful and lovely personality. 


Having such a cool image during performances, but BamBam’s “baby” side gives fans a good laugh because of his fear of his mother. BamBam is a rich and successful idol but he had to persuade his mother to let him buy a luxury bag. He also hid the fact that he bought high-end watches many times from his mother. BamBam once bought a watch that cost almost $400,000 and told his mother that it was 70% off.


Known for his sexy and charismatic image on stage, but off-camera, Kang Daniel is another male idol who is scared of being scolded by his mother. He once shared that when he was a child, his mother often hit him when he was spoiled. However, Kang Daniel loves and respects his mother very much. Thanks to his mother’s strict upbringing, Kang Daniel could grow up to be the successful and well-mannered artist that he is today. 

Kang Daniel's mother

As the main rapper of BLACKPINK, Jennie always appears very cool on stage. Many of the rap lines that she performed are very strong, fierce, and even contain swear words. However, when her mother went to BLACKPINK‘s concert, the female idol changed the lyrics of the rap. During her performance, the BLACKPINK beauty omitted those words and replaced it with a smile. This shows her respect for her mother.

Jennie Blackpink

Besides, Jennie and Lisa also had the opportunity to go to Thailand with Jennie‘s mother. Accordingly, a photo of the two fellow members caused a stir among netizens when they were both kneeling and clasping their hands, with the powerful appearance of Jennie’s mother behind.

Jennie's mother

G-Dragon has always been famous as a male idol with a unique and impressive style. The leader of BIGBANG often uses many accessories to mix with different outfits. However, the male idol cannot avoid the complaints from his mother.

G-Dragon's mother

G-Dragon was once scolded by his mother for buying too many accessories. At the same time, the male idol’s mother also doesn’t like the fact that he has many tattoos on his body. G-Dragon‘s mother once told him: “You can’t get another tattoo, you’ll become a beggar if you get a tattoo, don’t you know that you already look like one now?”. Even so, the leader of BIGBANG still secretly got tattooed and ended up being discovered and “evicted” from the house by his mother. 

G-Dragon's mother

RM is also one of the idols who are “sharks” on the street, but are still baby boys with mothers at home. The leader of BTS used to be scolded a lot for focusing only on music and ignoring his studying. But over time, with his talent and enthusiasm, he gradually convinced his mother. Therefore, at present, he always receives silent support from his mother.

BTS RM's mother

K-pop idols constantly attract the audience’s attention because of their interesting private life stories. Many idols surprise fans because they are “good babies” at home, no matter how cool they are outside. Besides, fans also admire the close feelings of the idol and their parents. 

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